Before Starting - Warnings

The RUSH SR race car is a high-performance vehicle designed for track use only. Its proper maintenance and operation are critical for your safety. Improper maintenance, use, high performance events or competitive racing in general, can result in major injury or even death. Never drive the RUSH SR beyond your ability, and beware of other vehicles on track at all times.

During the winter, the SR may be shipped to you without any coolant. We do not use Glycol-based coolants, as they present a major safety issue if spilled on track. Only use water with water wetter. Fluids should be checked before each startup of the car. Never remove the radiator cap while the system is hot!

It is NOT recommended to ever engage gear on the car with the body work removed as there are unprotected moving components such as the chain and driveline that could cause severe harm or injury.

Never operate the RUSH SR without the seatbelts securely fastened and with the driver wearing appropriate safety gear. Full FIA / SFI fire rated safety gear is recommended at all times, together with a full-face race-approved helmet.

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