Engine Break-in

Before you set a new track record… think about that brand new engine. Be kind to it, and it will be kind to you and your wallet!

The engine should be given three break-in sessions of approximately 15-20 minutes:

  1. Keeping RPM below 7,500 and moderate throttle.

    1. You should use this opportunity to also bed your brakes.

  2. Keeping RPM below 10,500 and full throttle.

  3. First half session (~10min) below 10,500rpm, then allowing full rev out all the way to the limiter.

The engine should be allowed to cool after each session.

This also give you a chance to get broken into the car. Fluids should be checked after each session, and you must torque-check the wheels before every session!

Following these three sessions, you are good to go. The car is very balanced but will bite back if you horse it around. Find your limits slowly and work into the car. It likes to be balanced in the corners: deep trail braking and yanking your foot off the brake at mid corner, will not give you the results you want. Apply brake pressure quickly, but roll it off smoothly.

Learning to use the shift lights will take some time too. <ost people are tuned into changing gear by 7,000 rpm. If you short-shift, you are not even in the powerband.

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