Torquing Wheels

The Rush SR shipped with two types of wheels:

  1. Braid Wheels (silver): used until approximately Fall 2022

  2. RAW Wheels (black): used after Fall 2022

These wheels are functionally equivalent, but the black wheels have slightly more caliper clearance, which can help in case a small pebble or other obstruction enters the wheel.

However, torque specs on these wheels are different, and are as follows:

  1. Braid Wheels (silver): 120 ft-lb

  2. RAW Wheels (black): 80 ft-lb

It is extremely important to torque your wheels after every session!

With the black wheels, it is normal to lose some torque in your first few sessions, as the steel ring washer under the lug nuts compresses against the aluminum wheel. Therefore, these wheels MUST be torqued every session, especially when new.

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