Seat Mounting

We prefer that customers visit our factory at time of completion of their car. This allows us to ensure that the seat is mounted where the driver is comfortable and that the seat and pedals are positioned where they will best suit the owner.

Where a customer cannot visit our factory for seat fitment, we do not mount the seat. Our reason for this is we simply cannot guess where you will want it and will end up drilling holes where you didn’t want them.

The car is shipped with the pedals mounted full forward. Don’t worry about them until you have the seat mounted. It’s important to get your seat placed where you are in a comfortable driving position first, and then adjust the pedals where you want them.

Click for a video on mounting the seat:

Please ensure that once you have the lower mounts in place, that you install the seat back mounts to support the seat back. A subsequent video shows this process:

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