Bedding Brakes

It is very important to bed your brakes properly. The Rush SR is a very light car, but improper transfer of pad material to the rotors will lead to a very "wooden" brake feel and an inability to lock the tires under any pressure.

Note that the Rush SR does not have power brakes or ABS (like a Formula car!), so you will need to apply much more pressure than you are used to from a GT car. Don't worry, you'll get used to it, and start to appreciate the fine control your foot can do with manual braking.

With a new car, or new pads/rotors, the following procedure should be followed, and can be followed simultaneously with an engine break-in. It is useful to have a mostly empty track - do not slam on the brakes with people behind you!

  1. Take the car out for an approx. 25 minute session.

  2. During this session, go slow, and use the brakes as little as possible in the corners. Slowly build temperature in the brakes by using them in the straights, then let them cool.

  3. Continue to increase brake pressure until you're at about 90% pressure. At this point, you should be about 15-20 minutes in. If you start to feel the brakes "going off", you're done with this step.

  4. Now cool off your brakes. Do 1-2 laps with minimal braking, then head into the pits.

  5. Once in the pits, DO NOT use the brakes to the extent possible, and let them cool completely (~45min). Do not press them when the car is stationary as you risk depositing extraneous pad material.

Owners have also found this Section 111 article handy.

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