Running & Consumables Costs

We have had a number of people ask about consumables and how this will affect the operating costs. While this will obviously be largely impacted by the tracks where the car is being used, we have prepared this as a basic guide for our customers to get a understanding of what to expect.

Routine Maintenance

Longevity of the car and your on-track experience obviously will be impacted by performing routine maintenance of the car. The key areas here are the chain driveline, coolant system and engine lubricants.

The Rush SR is easy to work on. A large number of our owners are their own mechanics. For this reason, parts are inexpensive and access to critical components is generally easy and unobstructed. Before going out for a day, it is proper practice to take the front and rear bodywork off and inspect the car. Thankfully, this only takes minutes and can be done solo!

See the our Maintenance Section for complete detail.

Combined Cost per Hour

The Rush SR is designed to be very inexpensive to run and maintain.

The Rush SR runs long-life tires, over-specced brakes, pump gas, a wet-sumped motor, an unmodified sequential gearbox, a 14-piece body (no piece is too big to ship via UPS!), and has very light weight. This means it is very easy on consumables, and thus the Rush SR has a very competitive cost per hour, especially compared to other cars.

Rush SR runtime costs are estimated. They are dependent on driving style, track surface, tire wear, and owner preferences.

All costs projected for competing cars are also estimations.

At only $120/hour to run, the Rush SR is in a league of its own.

This cost is far lower than the estimated cost of running a Radical SR3 ($671/hr), Formula Mazda ($512/hr), and Formula 4 ($590/hr). Despite this, laptimes are a few seconds slower at popular tracks (approximately 3 seconds at Sonoma).

Popular inexpensive spec series like Formula Vee ($219/hr), Spec Miata ($435/hr), Spec 911 ($323/hr), and Spec E46 ($330/hr) deliver inferior performance, overwhelmingly rely on used and out-of-production parts, cost double or more to run, and often lack the safety features and conveniences (like no-lift paddle shifting) that are standard in the Rush SR.

Details below and in our complete spreadsheet:

ItemFrequencyCostCost per Hour

Oil Change

10 hours



Chain Wax

20 hours (per can)




15 hours



Brake Pads

50 hours



Brake Rotors

100 hours



Chain and Sprockets

50 hours



Suspension Bushing & Bearings

100 hours



Fuel (93 pump gas)

8 gal/hr (roughly)



Engine Rebuild

160 hours



Gearbox Rebuild

160 hours





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