Anti-Roll Bars

The factory position of the Anti-Roll Bars (ARB) is 25mm, as measured below:

There are three "positions" for the ARB:

  1. Soft - The gold fitting is flush with the end of the sway bar

  2. Medium (default) - The gold fitting is 25mm away from the end of the sway bar

  3. Hard - The gold fitting is 50mm away from the end of the sway bar

On the factory setup guide it has us setting up with the car in the medium position for both the front and rear. Setting up sway bars is the last step in setting up your car: your ride height and corner balancing should be already done. To set the preload to neutral or taking off preload on the sway bars, you are trying to eliminate any torque put on the sway bars placed on them by the natural lean/weight of the car. This puts torque on your sway bars when they should be neutral and waiting for a bump or turn.

Adjusting Sway Bars

Consider sitting in the car, then have a friend do the work. The rest of the car should be in race condition (same amount of gas, air pressure in tires, etc.)

  1. Park the car on a level surface.

  2. Remove both front sway bar end links.

  3. Set ends of the sway bar so they are close to parallel with the ground.

  4. Adjust both end links to the same length.

  5. Put one of the ends on and adjust the other so that there is no tension on the sway bar.

  6. Tighten up the jam nuts and the sway bar end link bolt. You’ll also want the heim joints parallel so they can move freely.

Then do the same procedure on the rear and you are set.

Thanks to Doug Larsen for this content.

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