Brake Pads and Rotors

The Rush SR uses 274mm custom rotors with billet 4-pot calipers.

The car is equipped calipers and rotors on all four corners that are the same size as the front pads on the Elise 05+, S2 Exige S, and 211. This is known as the 2593 shape, which is shown below:

Note there are 14.6mm thicknesses and 15mm thicknesses (also notated as 1587). 15mm will not fit, so make sure you get the 2593 shape.

The stock pads are a R1 Concepts competition pad. Initial bite is not very aggressive, but they are relatively inexpensive ($74.26/axle on the Spare Parts List) and will last a long time (50+hrs). Rotating them front to back will increase life as the fronts will show more wear. The rotors will last 100+ hours.

There are a large selection of competition pads available that will allow you to get the pedal feel you want. Due to the overdesign in the brake system, pad selection will not yield higher performance but will change initial bite and progression. The following pads have been tried with success:

As for compound, keep in mind that this is a light car. Your pads (and tires!) aren't going to get as hot as heavier cars will. This thread on rotor temperatures is a good illustration of that. In general, most amateur drivers should see around 800F, assume pads are roughly 200F more. John from the thread is a hot shoe and saw 1300F. Adjust according to your desired track and driving style. Changing them out is not much different than doing so on an Elise. If you have the older Braid silver wheels on your car, some modification may be needed. See this helpful photo below from an owner who is running PFC-11s. The wheels do not provide enough clearance and so a slight shaving of about 1mm is necessary (see the top right corner).

The newer black RAW wheels do not have this problem as they were designed with more clearance. As always, if you change your pads, be sure to bed them properly. And if you have questions or need a new set of pads, call your dealer or RAW!

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