Diff Plate Stacks

From the factory, we set the differential to the medium friction / medium lock-up configuration in the factory. Most owners leave it there and never touch it.

If you find that you are spinning the inside wheel coming off a corner, you can increase the differential lock up by adjusting the clutch plates to the high friction/ high lock-up configuration. Similarly if you find that power on exit is causing an exit understeer you can reduce the lock-up by going to the low friction configuration.

The picture above shows the clutch plate configuration for the 3 options. Please also note it takes a long time for the diff plates to seat in as there is really not a lot of movement during use.

Don't confuse a broken in diff with a worn out diff if you are able to spin a wheel by hand easily when you have the wheels off the ground. The diff is doing nothing unless being loaded through the drive gears.

Please note this is mainly driver preference and is NOT a typical tuning technique. The diff is adjustable by virtue of its design. Most will find the factory setting most preferential and will never adjust it!

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