Left Foot Braking

Some of our owners like to run a double-wide brake pedal to accomodate left-foot braking.

Parts Required:

  1. Order an extra brake/clutch pedal from your dealer or RAW.

  2. 10.9-M10-1.50 x 110mm bolts. IMPORTANT: Do not order stainless bolts or nuts as they are weak and may gall.

  3. M10x1.50mm nylon nuts.


  1. (Optional) Move your clutch pedal all the way left by unbolting the buttonheads in the pedal.

  2. (Optional) Move your brake pedal all the way left.

  3. Slide the bolts through the top and bottom of the pedal, attach the second pedal, and fasten.

The finished product looks like this. Adjust to your taste.

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